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Included on this page are various species of fish species found outside North America. They cross over from trout species to the Amazon Peacock Bass.

International Fish Species
Zebra Trout an ancient species of the Brown Trout found in the Pyrenees Mountain Lakes and streams.
Marble Trout. An Ancient Species found only in the Julian Alps Waters in Slovenia and Northeastern Italy SOLD
Gillaroo Trout. A subspecies of the Brown Trout found only in Loch Melvin, Ireland
Ferox Trout. A subspecies of the Brown Trout found in Scotland
Amago Trout. Native to Japan
Masu (Cherry) Salmon in Spawning Colors. Native to Japan- SOLD 
Taimen (Giant Eurasian) Trout
found in Mongolia and Siberia. SOLD
Lenok Trout of Mongolia. SOLD
Tibetan Snowtrout
Carp Species from Northern India
Non-Professional Photograph
Indian Trout
Carp Species found in India
Non-Professional Photograph
Peacock Bass from the Amazon River Basin
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