female prince baskettail SOLD
Male prince baskettail SOLD
female filigree skimmer
neon & flame skimmers SOLD
female twelve-spotted skimmer.  SOLD
female banded pennant
female & male Halloween pennants SOLD
male twelve-spotted skimmer. SOLD
female blacksaddlebags  SOLD
female widow skimmer SOLD
Female Carolina saddlebags
band-winged darner. SOLD
male bleached skimmer. SOLD
male checkered setwing
female orange shadowdragon
male Five stripe leaftail. SOLD
Study of a Male Calico Pennant Dragonfly .
Both top and side views. Original 14" x 17".
Study of a Georgia River Cruiser Dragonfly .
Both top and side views. Original 14" x 17".
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Found in Quebec Providence, Canada  SOLD
Male Amanda's Pennant Dragonfly.
Transparent Watercolor. Image Size 10" x 9".  SOLD
Female Large Dark Olive Mayfly
native to Scotland   SOLD
Male Hendrickson Dun Mayfly Study
Female Eastern Green Drake Mayfly
Found in Central Pennsylvannia.   SOLD
Male March Brown Dun Mayfly Study
Salmonfly Nymph.
(Pteronarcys californica) Image Size: 14" x 9"
Golden Stone Nymph Stonefly
Beaverhead River, Montana. SOLD