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Freshwater Sunfish and Darters
Tourquise Pumpkinseed JD 2 w BORDER.jpg
Pumpkinseed Sunfish. Wisconsin Native
Male Pumpkinseed Sunfish. Minnesota  Native
Pumpkinseed Sunfish. Pennsylvania Native.
Redear Sunfish. SOLD
Bluegill Sunfish. Pennsylvania Native
Green Sunfish. SOLD
Orange Spotted Sunfish II - 2024 w frame.jpg
Orange-Spotted Sunfish
Chucks Bluegill - November 2018 wBORDER
Bluegill Sunfish. Wisconsin Native
Red-Breasted Sunfish
Eastern Dollar Sunfish
Rock Bass - January 2020 Border Brown Ti
Rock Bass. North Carolina Native fish
Rock Bass. PA Native fish
Longear Sunfish 2020 recrop border.jpg
Warmouth Sunfish
Green-Sided Darter   SOLD
Longear Sunfish
Banded Darter  SOLD
Candy Darter
Rainbow Darter
Slackwater Darter
Varigate Darter
Redfin Darter MASTER BORDER.jpg
Male Redfin Darter
Orange-Throated Darter
Male Saffron Darter w border.jpg
Male Saffron Darter
Kabzwha Darter BORDER MASTER1 2 2021.jpg
Male Kanawha Darter
Blue Faced Darter 2 BORDER.jpg
Male Bluefaced Darter
Tangerine Darter Border 1.jpg
Male Tangerine Darter
Slimy Sculpin Master w Border.jpg
Male Slimy Sculpin
Banded Sculpin w Border.jpg
Male Banded Sculpin- SOLD
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